20 June 2014


I never thought I would love someone like you
Never in my dreams that I would meet you
But then, as I travel in my lifes journey
You walk into my life and I fall for you.
I never know how is it to be in love
Until that very special moment
You brought wonderful things in my life
You opened my eyes to see the beauty of love
I told myself, the story of my life is all about you.
You cared for me, and I really appreciate it
You showed me how to love unselfishly
But you never teach me the art of letting go
But now, what I once thought remains as thoughts
For you are now waiving goodbye.
All your smiles are for me
But now, its for somebody elses
Your stare so full of love
Its for someone comfort.
Your heart once all mine
Now, they all belong to somebody
Its hurt to know you are already gone.
Deep in me, I made a promise
I will never fall in love again
Unless its you.

You might wont remember the date, but please know that I will always remember and I will always love you no matter what. If this is what you want, Revenge or what, I hope you are happy now 😅 
Do take care of yrself and be a good person ❤️
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