20 December 2014

When memories hit you

Sometimes, all you need is just to be alone to figure everything out. There's come a time when you wanna cry, but you don't even know why. Feeling empty? lonely? YOU DONT EVEN KNOW how to describe it. Sometimes it's like you cant stay strong. You break down and cry and have negative thoughts. Well damn feelings. But at the end of the day, you wont notice a thing, you'll always know how to FAKE a smile. Such a good actress :D

Too many thoughts in your head. You cant let it out ; you're afraid to tell people how you feel because it will destroy them, so you bury it deep inside yourself where it destroys you.
How pathetic you are :')

Yet, she did mistakes before. And trying to fix everything up. But at some point, she realized that she have done too much for someone until she forget to think of herself. And all her sacrificed were meant nothing to him. He cant even saw them. He put all the blame to her :'), like always. Well, it used to be. But she still keep all the broken pieces. He did all she did before. Nvm, she deserved it. And That Was The Time when she was confidently wanna move on and forget all the past. 
She woke up day by day , yeahhh might be hurt but then, she managed weyhhh !! Siapa cakap dah jatuh tak boleh bangun bangun? Salah salah. 
But one day, everything has changed since the day they met after the long time. Cant explain. Cant write anything here. Might hurt others, so lets just keep it inside, again :')

"Sometimes it just takes patience for everything to happen.You wont get respect in just one day, you cant be in love with someone that you just met, and you wont be able to forgive yourself in a second. I've learned that helping people is good, but helping someone too much wont let them grow. You grow by making mistakes, getting hurt, learning from your regrets. Change for the better, dont change for someone else, change for yourself. Dont be selfish. Dont limit yourself from doing things just because you dont think you can make it through. Remember, time isnt going to wait for you, so make the best of it".

"If you looked at her closely, you can see that, every now and then she turns away from her group of friends, her smile falters, and she becomes another person for a few seconds;
a sad person,
a person who is broken and damaged, and after a few depressing seconds, she goes back to the group, smiling and joking around, she almost looks like she is actually happy but if you look at her closely, you can see how spurious her smile really is and you can see all the wreckage behind her fake smile".

"One day, she wont be foolishly waiting for you.
One day she'll no longer answer your calls.
One day she wont be here anymore.
But dont go looking for her, it'll all be too late then.
Dont say you love her,
Dont say you miss her,
Dont say you want her back.
you were never there when she was and now,
She's gone forever".

"Because all she wanna do now is taking care of her heart".

Die with memories, not dreamt.
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