7 March 2014

It might be hard

I have done a mistakes but i am not regret it, maybe.
I have learnt not to let people come into my life, easily.
I have learnt not to trust people easily eventhough you've known him/her for a long time.
Because you will never know their true colour until you, yourself feel it.
I have learnt not to depend on others too much because the only one you can rely on is Allah.
At the end, everyone will left you behind. Hurt.
I have learnt there's no use to keep taking care of other's feelings, while you are damn suffering.
I have learnt not to love people so easily, because you will never know their "games".
I have learnt to fix everythings, but things will not gonna be okay if there's only one side effort.
I have learnt to let it go, but i failed to manage it. i failed!
I have learnt to take it easy, but i failed again!
I have learnt to make you happy with your choice, but do you know what i've been through?
I am happy when you're happy. It is good to see you smile everyday :') even it is really hurt. It kills me inside.
I have learnt to keep the memories, but i will never learn to forget the people,You.
Sorry for being an annoying person, before.